Without education he lives within the narrow, dark and grimy walls of ignorance. Education, on the other hand, means emancipation. It means light and liberty. It means the uplifting of the soul of man into the glorious light of truth, the light by which men can only be made free.
Frederick Douglas
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Education is the Great Equalizer

In 15 years, NC public schools have plummeted from 12th to 38th in national ranking.  WCPS's decline started before COVID.  The plummeting performance was caused by poor and politically charged curriculum choices, a lack of focus on proven teaching standards, and poor allocation of resources and budgetary waste. The result is that our children aren't prepared for productive citizenship, higher education or a career.

Redirecting Funds

We must focus our spending on fundamental learning and preparing our children for life beyond the classroom.  Currently, there is too much money spent on administrative overhead, non-academic teacher trainings, digitizing our curriculum, and other government-mandated programs.


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Restoring Trust

Parents should be able to trust that schools are safe and that their kids will be prepared for their future.  School board meetings should be a place where we discuss what is working, what isn't, and have a civil dialogue in search of solutions.  The Wake County School Board is elected by the citizens and represents the parents.  In recent years, particularly since COVID, the Wake County School Board has alienated parents, censored parental engagement and reduced parental access to the classroom and school board meetings.  

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Remove CRT

CRT, and all its derivations, is a divisive philosophy that pits Americans against one another on the basis of race, and in doing so, weakens our national fabric. 

CRT has permeated every subject in our school system.   

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School Choice

Healthy competition always improves outcome.  We should encourage parental choice in education and use it as a litmus test to evaluate our success in preparing the next generation.  

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Protect Children's Innocence

Our children are being inundated in the classroom with sexual content before they are physically, emotionally, or mentally able to handle these mature concepts.  We are robbing them of their childhood and doing so at the expense of basic academics.   (Read More)

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