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Campaign Kickoff on March 15, 2022

— Mark Robinson
Lt Governor
Michele has been fighting for several years to improve the quality of education in North Carolina, and she has some excellent ideas and insights to make that happen.  Wake County would be blessed to have Michele Morrow on their school board.   — NC Representative John A. Torbett District 108
Senior Chair for House Select Committee for An Education for NC's Future, Chair for K-12 Education and Appropriations

Local Organizations

During the pandemic, we were devastated to discover what our 3 kids were learning.  Instead of teaching our children to read, write and do math, the system is indoctrinating with wrong ideologies. This needs to be changed.  We need school board members who listen to parents,  who are courageous and will fight for our children, to bring the changes our public education desperately needs. Michele is such a candidate. She cares, she listens, and she takes action. A true patriot, Michele believes whole-heartedly that our country’s future lies in an academically well-equipped young generation with a love for liberty.  We truly believe that Michele will represent and defend the best interest of the students, teachers and parents. — Jerry Zhao and Yi Tang
Founders, Conservative 40
— Carolina Teachers Alliance
— Clarence Henderson
President of the Frederick Douglas Foundation of North Carolina

The Pavement Education Project fully supports Michele Morrow for Wake School Board Representative for Wake County School Board District 9. Michele is a fearless leader. She was one of the first to speak boldly about children and youths having access to obscene books in our public schools. She has been a champion for parents’ rights to make decisions for their children.  Michele will return focus to core academics, appropriate curriculum and materials, and quality texts ensuring success for all Wake County students.  

— Pavement Education Project
Michele will vote for Students and the Curriculum, protecting the opportunity for students to achieve their fullest potential.  Her skills in problem solving and articulating solutions will achieve positive results. Quality education will once again become a priority among teachers and the school system, and will be reflected in our communities and the job market. — Sue Butcher
Founder, Liberty First Grassroots


Michele Morrow is knowledgeable on the schools and especially knows the ins and outs of how school boards can play dirty tricks to get their ideological agendas forced through. She will be a voice of reason and will stand up to purveyors of dangerous identity politics ideologies! Her plan will include ensuring that students, not business and nonprofit activists, are the focus of schools and parents kept IN THE KNOW! — Kenny Xu
Author, writer, speaker
Michele Morrow is the embodiment of courage and integrity. She fights for what's right and doesn't back down. If anyone can cure the madness currently found in the Wake County Public School System, it's Michele Morrow! — Tyler Brooks
Michele will be a much needed voice for common sense solutions for the schools in Wake County. — Kimberly Stonebraker
Michele will fight for our children. She cares and will be our voice to realign the public schools to do what’s best to prepare our children for life!! — Jeannie Mahan
Concerned Citizen
Bruce Brennan
John Ellis
Toni Orr
Mike Abbott
Zhen Han
Rita Gorman
Sharon Bires
Jennifer Scappaticcio
Rani Shah
Beverly Moriarity
Lynn Jenkins
Donna Lubus
Christine Frost
Peter Gartner
Shelia Uzoma
Kenneth Dunphy
Stephanie Curran
Corinne Battle
Tonya Bryant
Joel Mclaughlin
Rita Hewell
Eileen Johanssen
Andrew Miller
Colleen Miller
Jennifer Petersen
Kim King
Milvia Caban
Renee’ Ashford
Fallon Seabrook
Ashley Theis
Harry Williams
Elizabeth Howdeshell


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